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Play 1.e4 Like Hikaru

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Discover How To Win With 1.e4 Using The Opening Weapons Of The World’s Best Online Blitz Player

Simple Yet Aggressive Opening Setups Full Of Tricks That Make Your Opponents Sweat

For the last 16 years, GM Hikaru Nakamura has dominated the online blitz chess scene. From dominating the Internet Chess Club with a record blitz rating of 3750, he’s dominated Chess.com since 2014, reaching server-wide peak ratings of 3332 blitz and 3570 bullet.

Now, top trainer and opening theoretician GM Max Illingworth is bringing you the opening repertoire of the world’s best online blitz player right in the comfort of your home.

Master The Tricks And Plans Nakamura Uses To Crush Top Grandmasters In Blitz

By following Nakamura’s opening shortcuts, starting with playing 1.e4 followed by 2.Nc3 no matter what Black does, we force our opponents out of their comfort zone, and into our territory, where we have Hikaru’s 6698+ games of experience with 1.e4 as White to guide us.

Unlike other repertoires, our plans are also easy to understand and implement, as we typically play an early f2-f4, giving us plenty of space to quickly start a powerful attack on Black’s king. If they try to stop us, we prepare the f4 break with greater effect, either opening the f-file for our rook to flood into the attack, or setting up a powerful kingside pawn storm with f5 and g4-g5.

I’m testing Hikaru’s repertoire in hundreds of my own White games on Chess.com, and nearly all my opponents rated below 2200 ended up in a bad position right out of the opening! In fact, even titled players (Grandmasters, International Masters, FIDE Masters and Candidate Masters) often failed to get out of the opening alive against Nakamura’s secret weapons!

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn:


🏆 Get A Big Advantage Against Most 1…e5 Players Below 2000 As Early As Move 3

🏆 How Nakamura Defeated Blitz Specialist GM Naroditsky In Just 12 Moves – Twice

🏆 The Simple Strategic Plan In The Grand Prix Attack That Beats Anyone Below 2200

🏆 Nakamura’s Ambitious Way To Squeeze Black To Death In The French

🏆 The Caro-Kann Opening Trap That Most Players Below 1800 Fall For

🏆 How Nakamura Hacks His Favourite Black Opening With f4, e5 and h4-h5

🏆 A Tricky Sideline That Avoids The ‘Standard’ Scandinavian And Alekhine


That’s just a fraction of what you’ll discover inside the course.

It has over 9 hours of video instruction from GM Max Illingworth, and 35+ games explaining how GM Hikaru Nakamura outplays his opponents in the middlegame to win.

And if you’re totally new to 1.e4? We’ve got you covered, with a Basic Ideas’section for you to quickly start playing each variation in less than 20 minutes.

I provide full support for course students – ask me your questions in the comments section for help at any time. With my replayable and downloadable PGN files in the course, you can easily review the opening variations and games until the plans, moves and ideas become second nature to you.

Play Like GM Hikaru Nakamura And Unlock The Secrets To Winning With 1.e4 Today!