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My 2021 Grandmaster Chess Training Plan (Blueprint)

Who wants The Simple, Step-By-Step Blueprint To Chess Mastery, to make 2021 the best chess year of your life?

In this updated Blueprint, I have improved the content for effectiveness. That's not counting the 21 exclusive, deeply annotated games I've included, which double the size of the Blueprint. 

Even better, you can replay all 21 annotated games (mostly from my tournament experience) using the links I provide in the Blueprint!

See how I've applied these methods my games and thinking to improve much more quickly. 

It's one click away!

"Thanks for your (2021 Grandmaster Chess Training Plan). I have just finished it on a speed run basis and it is great!" - Richard Dickinson

What is the system I recommend in this Blueprint? 

Four Training Priorities
I developed by synthesizing over 10,000 hours each of playing chess, training myself, coaching others and writing chess material. 

After spending over 40,000 hours on chess so far, I understand how most people overcomplicate chess improvement. 

It's very simple, when you know what to do.

Quoting 'My 2021 Grandmaster Chess Training Plan':

"My framework is based on the order of what you should be prioritizing in the time you spend on chess, for maximum chess improvement in the long-term. 

To ensure there’s no confusion about my prioritized system – the point is that you start with Priority 1, then continue to Priority 2. If you have more available chess study time in the week, or a tournament coming up soon, continue to Priority 3. If you still have time left over after completing your Priority 3 work, go on to Priority 4 training.

Priority 1 – Playing
Priority 2 – Post-Game Analysis
Priority 3 – Solving Puzzles
Priority 4 – Active Learning"

Here's an example of a student applying one tip of mine to beat a much higher-rated player:

I go much deeper in the Blueprint. I share my simple 3-step process for analyzing your games, so that you don't repeat the same mistakes over and over! I give you over a dozen examples of me analyzing my own games, so that you can see how it's done, and model exaclty what Grandmasters do! 

Now, the secrets of how chess masters earned their titles are available to you, too.

"Having worked closely with Max for the last six months, I'm confident that he is in the top tier of chess coaches in the world." - IM Cyrus Lakdawala

I've noticed that, even with the best system for chess improvement, many chess players still struggle to improve their chess at the pace they would like.

Why is that?

It's because most people are not clear on their goals, or they lack powerful enough reasons to achieve these goals...which manifests in a lack of motivation or discipline.

That's why, in My 2021 Grandmaster Chess Training Plan, I do things differently to other coaches.

I start by working on YOU. 

How do I do that?

I give control of your chess improvement back to YOU.

How strong you become at chess is entirely up to YOU.

Discover how to become a better student, as I coach you through what to do, then actually doing it and getting results.

This training helps you be an Active Learner, too!

I show you more than what to do - I show you how to do it.

Learn about The Feeling Of Mastery and how to achieve it, so that you get the most out of your limited time for chess. Know when you are in the right 'state' for performing at your best, and what you need to do to get back in 'state' when you fall out of it. 

Chess Improvement has its share of challenges and struggles, even when you know what to do. The diagram above has helped me through the toughest times in my chess journey, where I felt like quitting.

The key takeaway is that comfort is the enemy of growth. So, when you feel uncomfortable, but take action anyway, it means you are growing! (It also shows great courage, for there is no bravery without the presence of fear). 

Perhaps you are in the 'fear zone' right now. Your dream of becoming a chess champion (in your own words) is clear, but you have some doubts. Doubts like 'Can I really do it?', 'I can't achieve it because of...' or 'My friends think it's too hard'. 

Everyone experiences these doubts at some point - but the champions ignore them and bring their A-Game every time.

Use My 2021 Grandmaster Chess Training Plan and discover how to break through these mental barriers, bringing your A-Game every day. 

In Part 1 of My 2021 Grandmaster Chess Training Plan, I focus on 'Knowing Yourself'. I ask you five coaching questions my students love, to help you remember why you love chess and want to improve. From there, you develop your own solutions to the different chess challenges you're facing. 

Part 3 covers 'The Next Step', teaching you how to acquire knowledge and improve your skills in all important facets of chess. 

I give you clear direction of the best resources to study for achieving mastery in the following chess arenas:

Middlegames – Pawn Structures
Middlegames – Positional Themes
Endgames – Practical
Endgames - Theoretical
General Game Study
Thinking Techniques (e.g. for Calculation)
Competitive Peaking and Psychology

Discover my 'hacks' for turning your chess weaknesses into your superpowers through my annotated games. See for yourself how I work on chess, and how you can follow my process, modelling my exclusive chess files, to achieve similar results. 

How long would it take you to learn everything in 'My 2021 Grandmaster Chess Training Plan' via. chess coaching (private or group)?

It would take at least 6 months to cover it as deeply as my Blueprint.
It would also cost well over $2000 via. 'conventional' one-on-one coaching.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to always be motivated to improve at chess...without burning yourself out (Value: $397)
  • How to learn effectively from your games, without repeating the same mistakes over and over (Value: $297)
  • How to effectively solve puzzles and actively learn chess material, so that you can apply it automatically in your own games, the way Grandmasters do! (Value: $197)
  • How to improve any part of your chess game! (Value: $497)
  • Secret, Previously Unpublished Analyses Of GM Max Illingworth's Most Instructive Chess Games And Teaching Examples (Value: $997)

Total Value: $2385

However, I won't be charging $200 for this E-Book, or even $20.

Today, My 2021 Grandmaster Chess Training Plan is all yours for just $9. 

This is an absolute bargain price, and you may be wondering - why am I charging so much less than what this E-Book is really worth?

There are three main reasons:

1. Everyone deserves the opportunity to become a strong chess player. 

2. If I gave this away for free, virtually no one would implement the training advice.
The $9 price is your reminder that, if you don't follow the steps I give you in the Blueprint, you threw away your money. It's your added incentive to ensure you get results from My 2021 Grandmaster Chess Training Plan

I'm launching a series in the near future, called 'Grandmaster Chess Secrets'. 

This series will delve much deeper into a range of chess topics, and by sharing my very best stuff with you - the result of over 40,000 hours spent on chess in my 28 years - you're going to come back for my other content too, achieving results in your chess games and tournaments beyond what you imagine is possible for you right now.

When you follow the steps, you're going to improve your chess. Once you have My 2021 Grandmaster Chess Training Plan, the only way you can fail to improve is by giving up.

And since you've read this far, I know you're someone that stays the course, and keeps trying and practicing until you achieve your goals. 

Fill in your email address and payment details in the form on the top right of your screen, then click 'Complete my purchase' for lifetime access to My Grandmaster Chess Training Plan! 

See you on the inside, Future Chess Champion!