How To Gain 200+ Points In 2021

Jan 02, 2021
What will it take for you to gain 200+ points in 2021?

Here's the short answer:

1. Passion for chess

If you aren't loving your chess, you'll struggle to stay motivated and have a clear purpose. However, it's easy to put more time in when you love what you do!

2. Persistence (Never giving up)

Persistence is what will stop you giving up, and allow you to keep pushing to overcome the big challenges and achieve your goals.

3. A lot of practice

To get better, it's not enough to study - you have to play a lot as well, to practice what you've learned and transform your knowledge into actual skill.

4. Learning the right lessons from your games

Without this, you will repeat the same types of mistakes and lose games the same way (in terms of the mistaken thought process). However, our past games present a special opportunity for us to discover how to win the next games.

5. Solving Puzzles

The best way to improve your thought process is to practice the right techniques...over and over again. When you can see the best moves in certain situations automatically, without thinking, you are starting to think like a Grandmaster (playing from long-term memory).

6. Focusing On Active Learning

This means, instead of passive reading/study, asking lots of questions, and implementing whatever you learn as soon as possible.

7. Get A Mentor And Support Team

You'll improve faster with a mentor to help you. However, you'll improve even faster again if you are also in a supportive environment, interacting with other passionate chess players seeking to become masters and champions.

8. Look After Yourself

For the most serious players, this goes beyond the basics like sleeping 8 hours a day, eating a balanced, healthy diet at regular times, exercising briskly each day. You can also cultivate a more supportive and positive mindset each day, and adopt the same habits professionals follow every day, to eventually achieve their results.

Would you like me to guide you through mastering each of these eight steps?

Since you answered yes, I now leave you the choice of how quickly you want to improve your chess and win that Championship:


Note that for each level, you automatically get the previous levels included.

See you next time, Future Chess Champions!

Your Coach,
GM Max Illingworth

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